Power 2

Finesse 1

Resilience 3

Defense 0

Helth 5 (no wound penalties, damage to the head destroys it)

Initiative 1

Phisical Integrity 10 (one lost every 3 days) also is equal to max dice pool, neutralized once reaches zero. Slpit among separated parts, who remain autonomous.

Size 5

Speed 1

Haymaker [2]+2

Bite [2]+2 (Lethal)

Hearing his moans for more than (Comp) hours must roll Res+Comp-2. Failure makes the listener lose one Willpower point. Dramatic failure gives a derangement. Consecutive days stack. Supernaturals add their Powerstat to their roll.

Basic problem-solving. Hunger & Intensely stupid

+1 vs Magic

Pack Instinct

Sense Life 4 dice